About LLA – 香港青年協會生活學院 HKFYG Living Life Academy

Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups Living Life Academy (HKFYG Living Life Academy; LLA) strives to nurture our youths to enjoy life, learn from life, and to integrate “Learning” and “Life” in one. It aims at promoting the study of living-related interest, which is different from academic-oriented courses.

The LLA provides a wide range of living-related courses covering four learning aspects of Living Arts, Knowledge Enrichment, Ability Enhancement and Career Development. As an essential unit of the LLA, the Continuous Learning Centre has developed numerous learning courses that are connected to various aspects of life. These courses aim to offer youths a broader spectrum of opportunities for further education and exploration. The courses emphasizes on interests, skills and experience so that the participants are able to expand their potentials and improve the quality of life. The Academy will become an interest-exchange hub. Youths with common hobbies can exchange their learning experience and share their joy and fun of learning and living here.

We believe our youths will gain all details of living through a systematic learning. The Academy will facilitate their needs by holding regular living-related courses in order to let them make a flexible arrangement and easy selection in learning. Our youths will know how to enjoy living through learning.